Shadows on my Wall #1

This weeks Kick about over on Reds Kingdom is the art of Danish painter Vilhelm Hammershøi. Hammershøi’s paintings feel so breathy and poetic, Like you are peeking into the lives of the mysterious figures. I can’t help but think of a victorian doll house with all its little furniture placed exactly as the collector envisions. I was initially inspired by the gorgeous light throughout Hammershøi’s paintings and awoke at the crack of dawn to capture the sun as it pooled in through the shutters and windows where the light licked the walls, doors and wooden furniture. I decided last minute to perch myself in areas that could resemble the people in Hammershøi’s paintings and dressed myself in a darker colour palette to match. I edited out all the ugly stuff that could resemble a modern rented house in London, including cracks and fire exit signs. Our house is very old and shows a lot of wear and tear so removing those elements was exiting to get a glimpse of probably how it once was.