The Artist’s Studio

This weeks Kick About over on Red’s Kingdom is the perplexing painting –  Las Meninas by Diego Velázquez. I loved the self reflection and self insertion with this painting. I decided to focus on the many frames throughout the studio and, in the same manner, interject some of my own self into my illustrations by…

Tea Time Illustration

A recent illustration – I thoroughly enjoyed getting lost in the maximalist details of this one. When I was in Uni I was introduced and learned of the geometric coloured shapes and loose line art of UPA Animation, I find myself leaning into the style of UPA lately and I am enjoying the nostalgia of…

Plastic Forest #3

A third and final set of offerings for this weeks Kick About over on Red’s Kingdom, the muse being the uncanny grandiose art of Christo & Jeanne- Cluade. This bunch in particular focussing in on the transformative light that finally appeared through the clouds, as well as a sprinkling of water droplets that clung to…

Plastic Forest #2

A second set of offerings for this weeks Kick About over on Red’s Kingdom the afflatus being the otherworldly art of Christo & Jeanne- Cluade. Created from swirling clingfilm around cuttings of twigs, this set is starting to get into the more minute details of the miniature dioramas, observing how the aloof sunshine transformed the…

Plastic Forest #1

This weeks Kick About over on Red’s Kingdom is the perplexing art of Christo & Jeanne- Cluade. I wanted to make a miniature version of Christo & Jeanne- Cluade’s impressive uncanny installation art, but attempt to make it look larger as if I had the resources to produce something of that scale. So I did some…

Winter Illustrations

A couple more winter illustrations painted during the Christmas break only uploaded now.. blame it on the constant food coma.

Sigil #2

A second set of oil pastel drawings created for this weeks Hilma Af Klint kick about over on Red’s Kingdom. It was an enjoyable experience to draw traditional again and feel the pastels glide on textured paper.

Sigil #1

This weeks Kick About over on Red’s kingdom is the mystical creations of Hilma Af Klint. I have been yearning to do some traditional art lately, probably due to the fact that, during the Christmas break, my nieces and nephew received some arty presents. Here are some oil pastel drawings similar to some Irish sigils. 

Freezing Fog #1

Although a dumping of snow or ice is yet to grace the landscapes of Ireland, I was treated to another phenomenon – freezing fog. I’ve never experienced fog like it – completely enveloping all the eye could see in a matter of minutes, swirling around the fields and transforming objects and buildings into milky soft…

Winter Illustration

A recent wintry, cozy illustration given the current weather conditions many are experiencing, hopefully we will be greeted to a fluttering of snow soon enough!


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