Fragments #1

This weeks Kick About over on Red’s Kingdom is the freakish portrait photography of John Stezaker entitled Marriage (Film Portrait Collage), where photographs of celebrities are split into uncanny cacophonies. Because Stezaker drew inspiration from Dadaism and Surrealism by kit-bashing and appropriating images into bizarre collages, I decided to splice together some absurdities in a fun – no fucks given kind of way, all images nicked from the public domain of course.

5 thoughts on “Fragments #1

  1. A smashing set of collages, Graeme – they have a sense of a forbidden portfolio of ‘gentlemen’s drawings’ about them, plus a whiff of the abattoir, and a Freudian game of free association. Bold, fun and erotic – good job.

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    1. Thanks a million Phil! Collage definitely feels like Freudian automatism at play. I don’t know if you have seen the film “Dance of the 41” but your response reminded me of that – I could see these collages tucked away in the protagonists private collection or maybe hung in the Gentleman’s club, either way something that is meant to be disguised but there all along

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