Short Film: Pools – Photography Part 1

Before plopping myself down on the earthy forest floor and hitting record on my camera to document the meditative ripples that transpire within the forestry lagoon that inspired the Pools Film, I took many photos that gave the same filmic effect and have superimposed them for that same elemental visage. With every falling drop of snow the resulting photograph is a drastic change from the last resulting in a plethora of different colours and textures – an addictive waiting game where I spent hours watching and capturing the unpredictability as it unfolded, listening to the many calming drip sounds so that I can snap away.

6 thoughts on “Short Film: Pools – Photography Part 1

    1. Thanks you so much Phil!! funny you should mention that! I literally have a tab open for the print space here in London and have been gobsmacked at the preview of it in large! it would look so nice along the landing of someone’s staircase or a big white wall. I’m going to make it happen hell for leather! I’ve been meaning to ask is that the paper you used for your Room series? I always loved how your prints have a shine to them like a screen, it feels so true the photograph! XX


      1. Yes, indeed – that’s the stuff – the secret is to get it dry-mounted onto a nice bit of board, so the surface is pristine…. not cheap though obvs 😦


      2. Definitely not cheap! I would just love to make a series and sell them and see them hanging up in peoples homes, it would be an absolute dream! One I want to make happen, so we shall see 🙂 X

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